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January 2006 Newsletter

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From the President

Dear Fellow Phi Betes:

As I write this message at a desk overlooking my sister’s snow-blanketed Maine woods home, I find it difficult to believe that we are in the process of completing arrangements for the Spring activities of PBKNCA. Yet as you will see from the announcement of future programs elsewhere in this newsletter, our hard-working Program Chair, Stanley Kahn, has completed arrangements for an array of interesting activities running from March through June. Since most of these events have a limit on the number of participants, do send your forms to Stanley early so you won’t be disappointed.

We have once again scheduled our Annual Dinner for the early Sunday time slot that has proved popular in recent years, and, thanks to the timely intervention of Mary Hanel and the sponsorship of Mel Shattuck, have again reserved the Heyns Room and adjoining patio at the U.C. Berkeley Faculty Club for the event, at which we present our Teaching Excellence Awards and Graduate Scholarships. The brief accounts the winners give of their work and goals are always rewarding and often humbling.

Jean James has long since finalized plans for what should be a very special weekend at Asilomar, the Association’s twentieth and Jean’s fifth. We will once again be joined by John Churchill of PBK’s National Office and by two other National staff members as well. We are seen as one of the liveliest and most successful regional Associations, so we hope those in attendance will be at their most scintillating

Our annual audit has taken place and the auditors once again had nothing but praise for the work of our treasurer, Mary Gilliland. They see our finances as on solid footing and recommend only that we decide on and put in writing our long-term investment policy for our endowment and other invested funds. The Board intends to seek professional help in following up on this recommendation. With our Vice-President for Membership, Letitia Sanders, reporting increased membership and increased contributions per member, we hope this financial solidity will allow us to continue and even increase the number and amount of awards we make to outstanding teachers and young scholars.

By the time this Newsletter reaches you, you should have received a copy of the Northern California Association’s triennial Directory of dues-paying members. Putting the necessary bits and pieces together in an attractive format has been a labor of love for our Newsletter Chair, Gerry Richards. He has been required not only to master the intricacies of word-processing and paging programs, but also - what is perhaps more challenging - to deconstruct the vagaries of the postal regulations and our printer’s capacity to accommodate them. Hats off to Gerry for meeting these challenges with patience and good humor.

We welcome your participation in the events organized for members and your suggestions for ways in which we could make your membership more meaningful while continuing to advance our goals of support of excellence in teaching and learning.

Respectfully Submitted,



The Association has issued its triennial membership directory for 2005. The cutoff date for inclusion was October 30, 2005. Everyone who had paid dues to the Association in 2003, 2004 or 2005 was included in the directory and the same individuals were mailed a copy of the directory. A limited number of copies of the directory will be available through the Corresponding Secretary for new members who ask for them, while the supply lasts.


Are you interested in participating in a PBK initiation ceremony at a university near you? Well, there are three opportunities available this spring. Those who volunteer have found the events to be quite enjoyable and rewarding, even rekindling an old college memory or two. When we attend these events, we promote new membership for our Association.

From April though June each year, the seven Northern California universities with PBK chapters initiate new members. My job on our PBK NCA board is to contact each of these chapters and coordinate our Association's participation. I am pleased to report that each of these chapters has agreed to include our PBK NCA information and membership forms in their welcome packets for the initiates. We are also invited to provide a PBK NCA representative at each ceremony, who is expected to make a few remarks to encourage recruitment into our Association. We already have representatives for four of the events, but have three opportunities and seek volunteers.

Here is the list of initiations. A *** indicates we need a volunteer to attend. Please contact if you wish to volunteer!

***Mills College April (no date set) (last year was last Wed. in April at 5pm.-no dinner)- need a volunteer

***San Francisco State University Friday, May 12. NCA Rep speaks at 4pm, ceremony at 5pm (banquet at 6pm, cost was $40 last year) - need a volunteer

Santa Clara University Friday, June 16, 7:30 pm. ceremony. Chapter Liaison, Janiece Nolan to attend. (small dinner with chapter officers and NCA representative as guest at 5:45pm)

Stanford University Friday, June 16, 7:30 pm, no dinner, but free dessert reception follows. Mary Gilliland to attend.

UC Berkeley Thursday, May 11 4pm, NCA representatives are guests for the dinner following. Joanne Sandstrom and Stanley Kahn to attend.

UC Davis Monday, May 8 usually at 5pm. No dinner, but small reception with NCA representatives as guests. Jean James and Letitia Sanders to attend.

***UC Santa Cruz No date set as yet. Need a volunteer!

Please contact me to volunteer or to ask questions. You can also volunteer to be a last minute backup for any of the four spots that are already filled. Thank you!

, Chapter Liaison

Upcoming Events

Person making a reservation MUST BE a Phi Beta Kappa Member, but need not be a member of the Northern California Association.

The first tour of 2006 was an overwhelming success. The membership response was most gratifying; twenty-seven members responded; everyone enjoyed visiting  an outstanding and time-honored institution, the Mechanics Institute Library and Chess Club located in downtown San Francisco
Tours scheduled for early 2006 include: A Tour and Tasting at the Anchor Brewery, home of famous Anchor Steam Beer on Tuesday, March 14; A guided tour of the Photographic Exhibit of the Earthquake and Fire one century ago at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Saturday March 25; An Art and Architecture Tour of the newly opened de Young Museum on Saturday, April 1; A Guided Tour of the Holy Trinity Cathedral of San Francisco by Bishop Benjamin on Sunday, May 13; and a Backstage Tour of Davies Symphony Hall, the San Francisco Opera House, and the War Memorial Building, including Herbst Hall on Monday June 19.

The Annual Meeting and Dinner of our Association at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club is on Sunday April 30. More exciting projects are in the works; suggestions for additional guided tours are always welcome; email me to register for an event or to suggest additional tour.

First Vice President - Programs

Asilomar 2006: Twentieth Anniversary Celebration.

See the details of the Conference here

Administration building at Asilomar

About the Asilomar Conference Center

Asilomar was designed by Julia Morgan, who also designed Hearst Castle
Read more about Julia Morgan

Note that our Asilomar Conference now has a special URL www.asilomar.

"2006 Program: The Best of the Monterey Bay Area"
Plan a special getaway to celebrate "our" twentieth anniversary


No, I didn’t mean "your" anniversary. This year is our anniversary – our twentieth year at Asilomar. Plan now to join us for this special celebration. The bustle of the holidays will be over and the chores of spring will not yet have begun. Our Presidents’ Day Weekend is the perfect time to join your fellow members of Phi Beta Kappa and their guests at Asilomar in Pacific Grove for our twentieth annual conference/retreat. Don’t procrastinate. Mark your calendars now, fill out the coupon, and send your check, so that you do not miss a great getaway.

We start our retreat on Friday, February 17, 2006, and end on Monday, February 20. If you've never heard of Asilomar, or have never been there before, Asilomar is a state conference center in Pacific Grove, a small enclave between Monterey and Carmel. And those of you who are concerned about the weather have no cause for worry. The conditions in February along the coast are usually better than in summer. Instead of that season’s cold and fog, we traditionally enjoy sunshine. And even if it does storm, temporary inclement weather does little to mar Asilomar’s beauty and takes nothing at all away from the excellent company of our fellow Phi Betes.

Our retreat/conference always begins with dinner Friday evening and ends with lunch on Monday. During the long weekend, we provide a mix of interesting, thought-provoking speakers and activities, as well as ample free time to enjoy the lovely seaside atmosphere. People who work sometimes come late and leave early. It is even possible to "skip" some programs, as no one takes attendance or gives exams. And because some of you wanted to know: Dress is very casual.

The main goal of our conference is for us to enjoy ourselves in a beautiful setting in good company, but our secondary goal is to raise money for scholarships. The $100 per person registration fee is used to cover conference costs (speakers' expenses, a.v. equipment rental, wine with dinner, postage, duplicating, office supplies, etc.). This past year's profits enabled us to fund two of our $4,000 graduate scholarships. (And for those of you who attended in 2005 and missed this information in the April and September newsletters, $90.31 of the 2005 $100 registration fee – which most of you paid in 2004 - is fully tax deductible.)

How much does Asilomar cost? This year the cost is $336.55 per adult, double occupancy; single occupancy, $541.15; youth (ages 3-17), $196.57. This includes three nights' lodging, and all meals, beginning with dinner on Friday and ending with lunch on Monday. Asilomar handles all room reservations.

The theme for this year’s twentieth anniversary program is the "Best of the Monterey Bay Area." Bob Baronian and his lovely wife DeeDee, who live in Carmel Valley, have provided us with invaluable suggestions for topics and speakers. Because of their extensive help, we have a remarkably strong program lined up. Dr. William Gilley, a marine biologist from Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Lab, will speak to us about the journey John Steinbeck and his good friend Doc Ricketts took to the Sea of Cortez. Another Baronian find, Dr. Gary Glatzmaier from UC Santa Cruz, will do a presentation on his area of expertise: the earth’s inner construction from its mantle to its core. In addition, the Baronians persuaded Grant Voth, professor emeritus of Monterey Peninsula College, to enlighten us concerning the Bach-Beethoven connection.

But, that’s not all. After trying for a number of years, we have finally convinced our own Masako Miura’s good friend (and frequently voted best college teacher in Santa Cruz) Sandy Lydon to speak to us. He is keeping to our conference theme with the topic "The Ten Worst Things That Ever Happened to the Best Place on Earth." We were also lucky to persuade one of the pioneer wine producers of the Central Coast – Doug Meador of Ventana Winery – to speak to us about the challenges and rewards of that industry in that area. And Monterey Bay Aquarium Senior Marine Biologist (retired) Steve Webster has agreed to lead us on a tide pool walk, although the tides that weekend will not be really at an optimum low. (In case of inclement weather, he will do an indoor program.)

In addition, we are in contact with and will submit a request to KSBW-TV in Salinas (they won’t schedule until the end of November) to have Jim Vanderzwann, who is the weather anchor there, talk to us. We would like him to discuss weather and climate in the Central Coast and Monterey Peninsula, as well as the recent tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Finally, we plan an Asilomar ranger-led activity for the closing Monday morning program. But as those of you know who have attended Asilomar in the past, it really does not matter who the speakers are. The lovely setting and the extremely interesting attendees are what make our retreat truly special.

Now that you know about Asilomar in general and this year in particular, we hope that you will mark your calendars and join us for our special anniversary celebration, which will begin on Friday, February 17. If you attended Asilomar 2005 (or any other of our Asilomar conferences) and enjoyed yourself, please let your fellow Phi Betes know and encourage them to join us in 2006. (Guests are also welcome.) Just contact me ( ); as soon as I receive your check, I will send you the Asilomar housing form. (Again, Asilomar handles all room reservations.)


, Asilomar Chair

Useto get specific directions from your location:
Address or Intersection:
ZIP Code:

The Anchor Brewing Company Tour (website)

Come sign up for a tour of a landmark feature of San Francisco, the Anchor Brewing Company, home of Anchor Steam Beer. In 1896, when this brewery was founded by two immigrants from Germany, Ernst Baruth and Otto Schinkel, Jr. there already were over twenty four breweries in the city!
Tours of the Brewery are offered on weekdays only, and then only by pre-arrangement. Learn all about the history of the six thousand year old craft of brewing, and especially the process of making steam beer. Find out what role Charles Grimm’s Pacific Street Saloon played in the Brewery’s past!
The walking tour is limited to twenty persons, and including the tasting, (for adults only) lasts about two hours. If over subscribed, a second tour may be scheduled later in the year.
Maximum registrants: 20
Date: March 14, 2006
Time: Assemble at 12:45 PM in front office. Tour begins at 1:00 PM
Deadline: Please register by March 1st
Price: Ten Dollars
Location: 1705 Mariposa Street at the Corner of De Haro
Directions are available on their website

Centennial Exhibit of the San Francisco Earthquake
San Francisco MOMA
It was on the eighteenth of April, not in “75" (1775) but in 1906. Teddy Roosevelt was in the White House; Orville and Wilbur Wright of Dayton had flown their Wright flyer less than three years before at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and a young Swiss patent clerk had just published some obscure physical theories a year earlier. Although sliding tectonic plates were unheard of then, the young City of San Francisco was suddenly torn asunder by one of the most devastating, destructive earthquakes in human history. Commemorating the centennial of that tragic episode, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has mounted a magnificent exhibition of photographs not only from its existing collection but also from privately held pictures of the event as well. Our personally guided tour of this exhibit, the opportunity of a lifetime, indeed of a century, is scheduled for Saturday, March 25 at 11:15 A.M. at the Museum, 151 Third Street in San Francisco.

Public Transit Directions: Take BART to Montgomery Street Station. Take the New Montgomery Street exit, and walk over to Third Street. SF MOMA is located on Third between Mission and Howard.
Driving directions:
From East Bay: Take Interstate 80, exit at Fremont Street. Take immediate left onto Howard Street and get into the right lane. Go two blocks and turn right onto Third Street.
From the Peninsula: Take Highway 101 until it connects to I-80; exit at Fourth Street. Fourth leads onto Bryant Street. Take a left from Bryant onto Third Street, until you reach the Museum.
From North Bay: Take Highway 101 to Lombard Street. Follow Lombard to Van Ness Avenue and turn right; follow Van Ness and turn left into Golden Gate Avenue.
Continue on Golden Gate Avenue across Market Street onto Sixth Street.
Turn left onto Folsom Street and proceed to Third Street. Turn left onto Third Street.

Date: Saturday, March 25-Cutoff date for reservations March 15.
Site and Time: Meet in Haas Atrium of Museum at 11:00 A.M., as soon as the Museum doors open. Tour begins promptly at 11:15 A.M..
Fees: $ 20.00 per person.
Minimum number of registrants: fifteen
Maximum number: Twenty-five
Parking: Street parking is scarce in the Museum’s area. Garage parking is available at the Museum’s garage, located on Minna between Third and New Montgomery. Minna is one way, accessible from Third Street. Call 415-348-0971 for fee schedule.
Lunch: Not included in fee, but available afterwards, at Museum’s Caffe Museo.

[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map to SF MOMA
San Francisco, CA 94103-3107

Architectural Tour of the New de Young Museum (Link to the website)

The de Young Museum has been a beloved feature of the Bay Area dating back to the late nineteenth century. For the past several years it has been closed during construction of its beautiful new home. The new “state of the art” de Young Museum is now a reality! It’s here, awaiting our critical inspection.
Located in the heart of Golden Gate Park at 50 Hagiawara Tea Garden Drive, the museum is once again available as a favorite center for art appreciation and edification Our docent guided tour, will last about an hour, emphasizing the art and architecture of the Museum. You are free to inspect any other collections of special interest to you following the guided tour. Lunch, not included in the price of the tour, may be obtained afterwards at the Museum Cafe.

More pictures

Date: Saturday, April 1 at 9:30 AM

Parking is available in the subjacent Museum garage, for three dollars an hour.
Minimum number required for tour is ten registrants. Registration is limited to thirty persons.
A docent will be provided for each group of fifteen.

Price is $ 20.00 for adults, and $ 10.00 for Museum members.
Deadline for reservations is one month prior to date, i.e. March 1, 2006

Directions: Although public transportation is available (see here), it involves a great deal of walking. Automobile transportation is recommended as the most convenient mode of visiting the museum, since garage parking is now available. Possibly car pooling might be considered.
Directions: From the north, take 101 South, exit at California 1 South, and continue to Fulton Street, adjacent to Golden Gate Park. Turn left on Fulton, to 10th Avenue. Entrance to the garage is from Fulton Street at 10th Avenue. The garage is connected to the museum.
From the south, take 101 North, turn left on Turk, and turn left on 10th avenue, entering the museum garage at Fulton and 10th avenue.
From East Bay, via Bay Bridge to the Civic Center exit, cross Market to Larkin, and turn left on Turk, take a left on 10th Avenue and enter the museum garage at 10th and Fulton.

More directions here

We will meet in front of the museum, and then walk around to the right to the Children's Entrance to meet our docent(s).

[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map and directions to the DeYoung Museum
San Francisco, CA 94118-4501

PBKNCA Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner

UC Berkeley faculty ClubAnnual Meeting at the Join the PBKNCA Board in the charming setting and collegial atmosphere of the UC Berkeley Faculty Club to celebrate this year’s accomplishments. Take this opportunity to meet and be inspired by the dedication and achievements of our scholarship and teaching excellence award winners. Social hour begins at 4 p.m. and dinner will be served at about 5 p.m. Choose between salmon, roast prime rib of beef, or vegetarian. There is a no-host bar during social hour. Dinner will include house wine, coffee or tea, plus salad and dessert in addition to your pre-selected entrée which comes with rice or potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 4 – 8 pm
Deadline: April 18, 2006
Price: $50 (includes parking)
Directions: The Faculty Club is on the campus of UC Berkeley (University Avenue exit off I-80). About a week before the dinner, registrants will be mailed a “Faculty Club notecard” that will include driving directions and a foldout campus map with parking instructions.

Holy Trinity CatherdalHoly Trinity Cathedral (website)

We Americans pride ourselves on the diversity of our population. Except for native Americans, we are all either immigrants or descendants of immigrants.
One of the most remarkable examples of our diversity is the Holy Trinity Cathedral, located in San Francisco. The congregation which first engendered the Cathedral traces its roots to December 1857 with the founding of the Greek Russian Slavonian Orthodox Eastern Church and Benevolent Society.

At first, chaplains from Russian Navy ships visiting San Francisco Bay served the spiritual and sacramental needs of the congregation. In 1868, an Orthodox Priest from Alaska was sent to conduct services during Holy Week. In 1878, another Alaskan missionary became the first Rector of the San Francisco parish. Over the years, many distinguished pastors served the congregation on a regular, full time basis.

The bell tower of the Cathedral contains five wonderful bells donated by the Emperor Alexander III in 1888. The temple itself is illuminated by a grand chandelier donated by
the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. Tradition has it that he also donated a beautifully decorated icon of his patron saint, Nicholas of Myra and Lycia to the Cathedral.
Many other highly valued objects as well as gorgeous icons are features of the Cathedral. Today, the Holy Trinity Cathedral is a multinational American Orthodox community, and the only one in San Francisco which conducts its services in English.

Join us in visiting this remarkable institution in the heart of San Francisco. The Right Reverend Benjamin, Bishop of Berkeley has kindly agreed to serve as our guide.

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2006
Time: 10:00 AM. Deadline April 30, 2006
Price: $10.00 per person. Limited to 20 persons.
From Golden Gate Bridge:
Follow signs to “Downtown-Civic Center” From Lombard, turn right onto Van Ness (Hwy.101) one block past Union Street is Green Street. Cathedral is located on your right at corner of Green and Van Ness.
From Bay Bridge: Take Freeway 101 North to “S. Van Ness/Golden Gate Bridge” exit. Turn left onto Van Ness (Hwy. 101) Go up Van Ness, past Broadway and Vallejo. The Cathedral is on your left at the corner of Van Ness and Green.
From the South. Take Freeway 101 North toward downtown San Francisco. Exit at South Van Ness/Golden Gate Bridge. Turn left onto Van Ness Avenue, go past Broadway and Vallejo. Cathedral is on your left at corner of Green and Van Ness.
By BART: Exit at Market and Civic Center. Walk up to Van Ness and take MUNI as described below.
MUNI (Public Bus system) On Van Ness take the 42, 47, or 49 Bus (Adult fare $1.50, seniors $0.50) to Union Street. Walk back one block to Green Street. The Cathedral is at the corner of Green and Van Ness.

Links to:

Golden Gate Transit
Larkspur Ferry

[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map and directions to Holy Trinity Cathedral
San Francisco, CA 94123-5102

Backstage Tour of Davies Hall and the War Memorial Complex
The San Francisco Opera House and Veterans Building\ Herbst Theatre

The Opera House
Davies Symphony Hall
Herbst Theater

On Monday, June 19, at 11:00 AM, we shall have an opportunity to tour three of the major centers of the performing arts in San Francisco, as well as review some local and world history. Davies Hall is celebrating its twenty-fifth birthday, which makes this a timely opportunity to review the features of Davies Hall. Because of their proximity, we shall also have the opportunity to visit its two historic neighbors on Van Ness Avenue in the Civic Center. The three structures face San Francisco City Hall. For the curious, we’ll find out who Ms. Davies was; learn about the construction of the War Memorial Complex, and its historic role as the birthplace of the United Nations. We’ll also note the site in the Opera House where the United Nations Charter was signed by President Truman and other world leaders on June 26, 1945. We’ll have an opportunity to view some of the glorious features that characterize both the Opera House and the Herbst Theatre. Also of historic interest in the Herbst Theatre are the famous murals originally commissioned for the Panama Pacific Exposition of 1915, and executed by Frank Brangwyn, a famous Belgian muralist. The tour will take only an hour or two, and will be geared to the walking limitations of the tour group.

Directions: Davies Hall, where the tour begins, is located at 201 Van Ness at the corner of Grove. Assemble in the atrium (ticket office lobby) at Davies, located on the Grove Street side.

From North Bay:
Take 101 South, which leads directly into Van Ness.
From the Peninsula: Take US-101 North toward San Francisco. Take the NINTH ST exit toward CIVIC CENTER - go 0.7 mi, 9TH ST becomes HAYES ST - go 0.2 mi, Turn Right on VAN NESS AVE - go < 0.1 mi, Arrive at Davies Symphony Hall.
From East Bay: Take I-80 West across Bay Bridge; take Ninth Street\Civic Center exit to Harrison Street; go one block and turn right into Ninth Street; cross Market and turn left into Grove.

Date, Time and Site: Monday, June 19, at 11:00 AM. Assemble in the atrium (ticket office lobby) at Davies, located on the Grove Street side.
Minimum Number: ten
Maximum Number: twenty-five.
Cost: $ 10.00
Deadline for registration: June 5, 2006
Parking: Numerous pay-for-parking lots are located in the area around Davies Hall; sometimes street parking is also feasible, but bring change for the meters!
Public transit: Take BART to Civic Center Station. Take Grove Street exit, and walk four blocks to Davies Hall, located at Van Ness and Grove.
Lunch is available, not included in fee, in a wide variety of restaurants and cafes in the Civic Center area. Bus service to the Civic Center area is excellent. See links below:

Links to:

Golden Gate Transit
Larkspur Ferry

[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map to Davies Symphony hall
San Francisco, CA 94102-4595

Addenda Feburary 28, 2006

The ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, 1946-1955). The caption reads "Replacing a bad tube meant checking among ENIAC's 19,000 possibilities"

Computer History Museum Tour, 1401 North Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA Website

Looking back over the years, there was that new medium, radio. The early radios had huge speakers and earphones, and squawked with static a good deal. Then television came along with initial black and white screens not much larger than an unabridged dictionary in diameter. After an interval, color television arrived on the scene. Now, we are immersed in the computer age, the latest development in telecommunication. Computers are still relatively “new” in that all of the technical bugs haven’t been eliminated. What could be more timely than to visit the Computer History Museum in the heart of Silicon Valley? Some of the earliest computers models are on display: Eeniac, Johnniac, Cray 1, Apple 1, among many of the earliest prototypes.

A map is available on the Museum's
Directions: From San Francisco, Take Highway 101 South. Exit Shoreline Blvd. At the light, turn left onto N. Shoreline Blvd. After going over the freeway and crossing though the light (La Avenida), take an immediate right into the first driveway.
From San Jose: Take Highway 101 North. Exit Shoreline Blvd. At the light, turn right onto North Shoreline Blvd. Take an immediate right into the first driveway.

Minimum number: ten
Maximum number: no maximum!
Fee: $ 10.00
Date: Saturday, July 15 at 1:00 PM

Deadline: July 1, 2006

San Francisco Woman's BuildingMission Murals

Treat yourself to an artistic display of world famous, fabulous, colorful murals in the Mission District of San Francisco. City Guides provides a walking tour, complete with personal guide, through a most unusual collection of decorated buildings in an unforgettable display of people’s art. Some of the murals depict historical, Latino legendary figures. Meet at Precita and Harrison behind Flynn Elementary School. Some murals may be view here

Public Transportation is available on Muni lines 12, 27.

Maps and directions are available via Mapquest

Minimum number: eight
Maximum number: twenty
Fee: $ 15.00
Date and Time: Saturday, September 16 at 11:00 AM
Deadline: September 2, 2006

Postcard Row, Alamo SquareWalking Tour of the Landmark Victorians

View some of the most colorful and famous Victorian homes of Alamos Square in San Francisco with a member of Phi Beta Kappa as our personal guide! The Painted Ladies include the world famous Postcard Row. The walk does entail some upgrade, but our guide has promised to be considerate of the physical limits of our group. PBK member David Paul Cooney will meet us in front of 824 Grove Street.

Public transportation is available via Muni 21 and 22.
Maps and directions are available via Mapquest

Minimum number -eight
Maximum number-twenty
Fee: $ 15.00
Date and Time: Saturday, October 14 at 11:00 AM
Deadline: October 1, 2006


I have been the Newsletter Chair of a committee of one since the 2001-2002 fiscal year. I have agreed to stand for election for the 2006-2007 fiscal year but that is the last year I wish to serve. I don’t wish to leave the organization in a lurch so I am giving plenty of notice in the hope there is someone out there who would like to try his or her hand at this.

The Newsletter Chair is a Board Member and, therefore, helps with the operation of the Association. The primary duty involves gently prodding other Board Members to get their input in on time to meet the publishing deadlines established by the Board, laying out the Newsletter, formatting everyone’s input, proofreading and circulating the draft Newsletter to some key Board Members or former Board Members, emailing the final draft to the printer and approving the final product. There are some other incidental duties that come up from time to time.

If any of you think you might be interested, please contact me.

, Newsletter Chair

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