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April 2007 Newsletter

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From the President

Dear Fellow Phi Betes:

Now that we’ve turned back the clocks and are enjoying an extra hour of sunshine, it is time to reflect on what was and what is to be for PBK NCA.  Submissions for the February newsletter were due before our Asilomar conference took place, and although I was looking forward to an outstanding experience, the actuality exceeded my expectations.  The Emenhisers, along with program help from the Baronians, provided all attendees with a memorable conference.  Jae Emenhiser remained “cool under fire” when faced with last minute program substitutions which would have rattled a lesser mortal, such as myself.

As many of you know, most of the $100 registration fee attendees pay goes to our graduate scholarships (see Jae’s Asilomar article, p. 4), and this year’s profits of over $10,000 fully funded two of these much appreciated awards.  We found out this year just how much these scholarships are valued when one of our outstanding speakers, David Siddhartha Patel, presently a pre-doctoral fellow at Stanford and soon to be government professor at Cornell, agreed to speak to our group because of the scholarships PBK NCA had awarded not to him, but to his colleagues at Stanford.  Since David’s research examines Islamic institutions and political action in a wide range of settings in Iraq, his excellent presentation was able to clarify many of the seemingly unintelligible issues surrounding our involvement there.

When I asked Jae how he had found such a wonderful speaker, he replied that he had heard David on NPR (David is a frequent guest on “All Things Considered”), contacted him, and he agreed to come because of our scholarship program.  This is truly an example of “what goes around, comes around” in the best sense of that cliché.  So, those of you who attended Asilomar can be proud of what your registration fees have achieved, as can those of you who have paid your regular dues and even generously added  additional contributions.  Because of you, our scholarship program is supporting outstanding scholars and is appreciated even by those who are not the recipients.

Speaking of scholarships, I hope you have signed up to attend our annual meeting and awards evening at the Berkeley Faculty Club on Sunday, May 6.  There you can see your dollars at work and be truly impressed by the inspiring professors and exceptional graduate students who receive our awards.

One last issue:  Stanley Kahn, whose work as First Vice President, Programs, finds me lacking an appropriate superlative to praise his work, is “retiring” at the end of 2007.  We sorely need a replacement.  So those of you who have enjoyed coming to our events, it is time for you to contribute to planning them.  After all, our interesting outings are key elements in attracting members and their contributions, which, in turn, support our scholarship and teaching excellence programs. If you want to know what the office involves, both Stanley and I  have job  descriptions  and arguments  to overcome  the  usual excuses of “I travel”, “I work”, “I am too old”, “I don’t have any ideas for activities”, and whatever other objections you might raise.

But even if you can’t assume Stanley’s office, you can join us for the wonderful events he has planned for us this summer.  Take out your calendars now and mark them before the pleasant days of summer slip away.

Respectfully submitted,

, President


PBK NCA needs an enthusiastic, energetic person as Program Chair to organize "Upcoming Activities".  Thanks to Stanley Kahn’s hard work, we have enjoyed many interesting and educational activities listed herein. However, unless we get a volunteer to serve as Program Chair, there will be no additional activities after December 2007.  If someone would like to "try out" the position of Program Chair for just one issue of the newsletter or is willing to book even one or two events in the January--March 2008 time period at an attraction you've always wanted to visit, your help would be gratefully accepted.  Please contact , President

Asilomar 2007 Report

The sun shone on 117 Phi Betes and their guests who joined together for our Association’s twenty-first annual conference at Asilomar in Pacific Grove February 17-19, 2007.  President Jean James ordered weather that brought out the Monarch butterflies and one of our largest attendances on record.  If you were not able to enjoy the weekend, you may consult the web page, complete with pictures taken by Judson Goodrich.

Participants praised the quality of our speakers and the beauty of the venue, and, as in the past, many especially valued the opportunity to meet and converse with each other.  We are truly an organization of interesting, exceptional folks.

In addition to the intellectual and social aspects of Asilomar, the conference is a major contributor to our scholarship program.  Our net receipts this year amounted to more than $10,000–enough to fund two, $5000-graduate scholarships.  This money comes from the $100 per person registration fee; the part that isn’t used for expenses is totally tax-deductible. This year $88.92 of the $100 registration fee you paid in 2006 or in 2007 for Asilomar 2007 is tax-deductible. And for those of you who were not able to attend and graciously donated your registration fees, the entire $100 per person may be deducted.

We are already planning for next year.  If you did not turn in your evaluation questionnaire or would like to add comments, please send them to me.  Again we shall have outstanding women and men speakers from arts, sciences, and letters, and hope to continue the morning T’ai Chi. We are exploring the possibility of having a common reading with small group discussions, as well as the regular sessions.  Look for details in the September Newsletter.  If you have decided to attend, you may send me your registration fee now and be among those who receive their housing registration form as soon as it is available from Asilomar, usually prior to the September Newsletter.

This year we were fortunate to attract a large number of first-time participants.  To assure continued success of the conference, please pass the word along to others who have not attended this rewarding experience.  Our best advertisement is “word of mouth,” and the best place to pass the word is at our many other Association activities.  When you attend these events, please tell your friends about Asilomar and encourage them to join us.  Each individual who comes directly supports our scholarship program.

To see and hear our scholarship recipients and the outstanding teaching faculty whom we honor, attend our annual dinner this year, Sunday, May 6, at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club.

Respectfully submitted,
, Asilomar Chair

Chapter Liaison Update

  PBK NCA has confirmed invitations from all eight of our university chapters to attend their initiations this spring from April though June. Thank you for your responses to our last newsletter request for volunteers.  We still need someone for San Francisco State University and UC Santa Cruz. Attending the ceremonies gives us an opportunity to recruit additional members to NCA as well as ask for nominations for the Teaching Excellence Awards. And it is lots of fun, stirring up old memories of collegiate days. Here is the schedule:

  Saturday, March 31: Marci Coglianese & Wilson A. Heefner, MD will represent  PBK NCA at University of the Pacific.  The Phi Beta Kappa Society will be officially installing the new Chi of California chapter as well as the initiates. The installation will take place at 3:30 PM in the Faye Spanos Concert Hall. Professor Greg Camfield will give the keynote address, “The Liberal Arts as Whack-a-Mole”. The installation will be followed by a reception at 5:00 PM in the Reynold’s Gallery, which is displaying Gregory Kondos’, “Mount Olympus to the Pacific Rim”. Special films and opera theatre events will help mark the long weekend of celebration.

  Tuesday, April 10: Karen Belanger will represent PBK NCA at the Mills College initiation ceremony.

  Thursday, May 10: Holly Ganz and Joanne Sandstrom will participate in the UC Berkeley initiation. Our Association wants to help the UCB Chapter with cost for a simple reception following the ceremony. UCB has several hundred initiates and uses all their money for scholarships, so they have been unable to have a reception for the initiates and families. Those of you who are UCB alumnae may want to send a contribution to our Corresponding Secretary, Georgia Maslowski (see address elsewhere in Newsletter).  When we have more information, Georgia may contact the UCB Alumnae directly.

  Monday, May 14: Jean James and Letitia Sanders plan to attend the University of California, Davis ceremony.

  Thursday, May 17: 4PM Ceremony at San Francisco State University. We need a volunteer. Please email if you can attend. It is a lovely event in academic robes, followed by a dinner.

  Friday, June 8, tentatively at 1PM: University of California, Santa CruzWe need a volunteer. Last year Karen Schroeder attended, but we have not yet been able to confirm with her. Please email if you can attend.

  Friday, June 15: Janiece Nolan will participate at Santa Clara University.

  Friday, June 15: Muriel Bell, Narcinda Lerner and Hershey Julien will attend the event at Stanford University.

Respectfully submitted,
, Chapter Liaison

PBK NCA Members

The Board offers many thanks to the members and friends who have joined or renewed their membership for the year 2007 as of March. 19.  Your generous support makes our Scholarships and Awards possible.  We extend a special thank you to those who have contributed at the Patron, Sponsor and Benefactor levels. A list of all members is in the hard-copy of the Newsletter.

Are You a Young Phi Bete?

The Board is still trying to form a group of young Phi Betes who might want to have their own activities. However, our first problem is what constitutes a "young Phi Bete."  Traditionally for organizations, the cut-off age for "younger" members is 40. But as far as we are concerned, if you still have hair which is not completely gray and feel young at heart, and especially if you want to be in charge of some event, you qualify.

It seems the best way to communicate with younger members is through our website, so please check it out to see if anything is happening for those of you who don't remember life before TV.

Upcoming Events

Person making a reservation MUST BE a Phi Beta Kappa Member, but need not be a member of the Northern California Association.

Upcoming Activities and Comment:

We have now completed three tours in 2007, and have several more on schedule: The Railroad Museum tour in old Sacramento is posted for April 20; the Chinatown walk sponsored by the City Guides program is set for May 19, and the Nob Hill tour guided by fellow Phi Bete Paul Cooney is on tap for June 23. In addition to those, several new tours for the summer and early fall are listed in this Newsletter.

We also want to remind our members of the Annual Awards Dinner which will take place on Sunday, May 6 at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club. Except for Asilomar, this is the only opportunity our membership has to get together and renew old acquaintances and meet the beneficiaries of our awards. Sign up now for this premiere event. It’s not that far away!

Although we don’t personally extend our tours to our sister state to the north of us, our members may be interested in traveling to the Portland, Oregon museum this summer to view “ Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Art, Treasures from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam”. Comprising over one hundred works, these 17th century masterpieces will make their only appearance on the west coast. It is our understanding that this is the first time many of these paintings have ever left their home site. Many other Dutch artists are also included in the exhibit which runs from June 2 to September 16.

When signing up for tours, kindly write the name of the tour(s) on your check, and print legibly please. Remember to check our web site frequently for late breaking news, last minute corrections and great illustrations provided by our webmaster, Ray Hendess.

It’s a genuine privilege to work with the Board members of this organization, a group of dedicated and talented persons who give of their time and energy to make this an even more vibrant organization. Unfortunately, the undersigned will be unable to continue in programming duties after 2007, but will be happy to discuss the modus operandi of carrying on the tradition. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested.

Respectfully submitted, , First Vice President - Programs


On Saturday, March 31, The Phi Beta Kappa Society will be officially installing the new Pacific (Chi of California) chapter in Stockton.

The Installation will take place at 3:30 pm in Stockton on the University of the Pacific campus in the Faye Spanos Concert Hall. Professor Gregg Camfield will give the keynote address, “The Liberal Arts as Whack-a-Mole.”

The Installation will be followed by a reception at 5:00 in the Reynold’s Gallery, which is displaying Gregory Kondos, “Mount Olympus to the Pacific Rim.”

To help mark the occasion, the Pacific Humanities Center will be showing two films:
"Bob Roberts" on Thursday night (March 29) and "Almost Fiction" on Friday and Saturday nights (March 30-31).
Both show at 8:00 pm in the Pacific Theatre. Admission is $3 for faculty and staff, $5 for the general public.

We also wish to call attention to Pacific Opera Theater’s presentation of "L’incoronazione di Poppea" by Claudio Monteverdi, March 30, 8:00 pm, Long Theater, $15 adults, $8 students, $5 seniors. Tickets can be purchased through Pacific's box office or at the door.

Make it a long weekend of celebrating Pacific’s accomplishment!

For more information, email

Train MuseumRAILROAD MUSEUM TOUR IN OLD SACRAMENTO - Friday, April 20, 2007

All Aboard for the Railroad Museum! History buffs, and non-history buffs, you're all welcome! Come visit one of the renowned Museums in all of California, the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. Even those of you who have never experienced the fun of traveling on a Pullman car as a youngster, hauled by a steam locomotive chugging away, punctuated by the lonesome and haunting warning of the train as it approached automobile intersections, you'll love this visit to California's and America's past. With the advent of the transcontinental railroad, following the Gold Rush, the trials and tribulations of crossing the continent in a covered wagon became a thing of the past. The transcontinental railroad project took place largely during President Lincoln's administration, but the event was clearly overshadowed by the Civil War. (Lincoln, himself, had been an attorney for the Illinois Central Railroad).

The construction of the railroad was accompanied by many collateral events, including the importation of Chinese workers who played a vital and valuable road in its construction, the development of locomotives powerful enough to scale the mountain ranges of the great west, and the culmination of the joining of the two railroads, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific, with the driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory, Utah in 1869. (The Golden Spike National Historic Site is now part of the National Park Service).

Our tour begins with a movie, followed by a tour of the exhibits. The great locomotives of the past have been lovingly restored. Special features are the Pullman dining car and the Pullman sleeping car. Don't miss this tour!

Date: Friday, April 20
Time: 11 :00 AM Meeting Place: Lobby of the Railroad Museum, across from the Parking Lot, in Old Sacramento. The public parking garages located at either end of Old Sacramento are recommended over the on-street sites, which are limited to 90 minutes.
Directions: Directions are available here.
Fee: $ 20.00

Another website is here

Minimum Number: 10
Maximum Number 50

PBKNCA Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner - Sunday, May 6, 2007

UC Berkeley faculty ClubAnnual Meeting at the Join the PBK NCA Board in celebrating this year’s accomplishments in the charming setting and collegial atmosphere of the UC Berkeley Faculty Club. Take this opportunity to renew old acquaintances and meet and be inspired by the dedication and achievements of our scholarship and teaching excellence award winners.

Social hour begins at 4 p.m. and dinner will be served at about 5 p.m. Choose between salmon, roast prime rib of beef, or vegetarian. No-host bar during social hour but dinner will include house wine, coffee or tea, plus salad and dessert in addition to your pre-selected entrée which comes with rice or potatoes and seasonal vegetables. You will note that there has been a slight fee increase this year, necessitated by our increased cost. Remember that the fee includes not only dinner but also wine, parking and gratuity.

Date: Sunday, May 6, 2007
Time: 4 – 8 pm

Deadline: Sunday, April 8, 2007
Price: $55.00 (includes parking)
Directions: The Faculty Club is on the campus of UC Berkeley (University Avenue exit off I-80). About a week before the dinner, registrants will be mailed a “Faculty Club notecard” that will include driving directions and a foldout campus map with parking instructions.

ChinatownChinatown Walking Tour, Saturday May 19, 2007

On the web at SFGate

What could be more San Franciscan than its Chinatown, the largest enclave of its kind outside of Asia? Come join us for a walking tour, led by a City Guide expert. We will visit the side streets and alleys of this colorful section of the City.

Learn about the family associations, the sewing shops, and other community organizations. Visit the live markets with their chickens and turtles, and the produce markets; view the famous Chinatown Gate, and check into some of the art galleries. Inquire of your guide regarding the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, and such fascinating Chinese style buildings as the Bank of America and the Bank of Canton.  Explore the shops offering a multitude of Chinese products. Check into the wide variety of Churches, and the better restaurants. City Guides are very well informed and welcome questions.

Date: May 19, 2007
Time: 11 AM

Place of assembly: Portsmouth Square (Washington and Kearny) upper level at flagpole near the elevators.
Minimum Number: 10
Maximum Number 25
Fee: $ 20.00 per person
Deadline for Registration: May 4, 2007

Traveling by Bart, get off at Embarcadero and either walk two short blocks via Drumm and Sacramento streets to the junction of Sacramento and Davis. Take a California 1 Bus to Portsmouth Square. Fares: Regular $1.50, Senior $0.50. Exact change needed.

By car, from the North, take 101 into the City where 101 becomes confluent with Van Ness, turn left into Clay Street and go up to Kearny. Portsmouth Square is at the junction of Clay and Kearny. Parking garages are available.

From the South, take 101 North to Van Ness, turn right on Clay and head toward Portsmouth Square at Kearny.

Cable Car - Nob HillNob Hill Walking Tour - Saturday, June 23, 2007

Come join our expert City Guide, and fellow Phi Bete, Paul Cooney, on a tour of San Francisco’s legendary site, Nob Hill. Famous hotels are to be found here, including the luxurious Huntington, the Fairmont, the Mark Hopkins, and the Stanford Court. Learn about the background of the men behind these institutions who amassed the wealth that enabled them to build these magnificent facilities. Other features include a great cathedral, the Pacific Club, and many other points of interest. Paul is a walking encyclopedia on the subject of San Francisco. He assures me that most of the walk is on a level surface, although it does involve one moderate grade. We will meet in front of the entrance to the Stanford Court Hotel. The hotel is on the corner of Powell and California, and the address is 905 California Street.

By car, from the north, take 101 South which runs along Lombard Street, continue on 101 by turning right into Van Ness; turn left on California Street. The hotel is on the corner of Powell and California, and the address is 905 California Street.

From the south, take 101 North to Van Ness, turn right on California, and follow the above directions from that point.
On-street parking is very difficult. There are several parking garages in the area. If one drives up Sacramento, a one way street, from Powell, one will note a public garage on the right hand side, very close to Mason. There is also a garage near the Huntington Hotel, the Crocker Garage. If you are feeling unusually lucky and must park on the street, take lots of quarters.

Coming from the East Bay on Bart, one could disembark at Embarcadero station, take the Drumm Street exit, and walk over to the intersection between Drumm and Davis, and catch a California 1 Muni which goes to Sacramento and Taylor. Taylor is just one block from Mason. Fares on the Muni system are $ 1.50 for adults under 65; 50 cents for seniors. Exact fare is required. Although one could take a Cable Car to Nob Hill, the fare is five dollars, and on Saturdays, the cable cars are crowded with tourists.

Date: Saturday, June 23, 2007
Time: 11:00 AM-Please be on time for all walking tours. Don’t be left behind !

Deadline: May 23, 2007
Minimum number: 10; maximum number: 20.
Fee: $ 20.00 per person
Meeting Place: Front Entrance to Stanford Court Hotel, 905 California, on the corner of Powell and California

Audibon Canyon RanchTour of the Audubon Canyon Ranch: The Bolinas Lagoon Preserve, Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bolinas Lagoon Aerial
Click here for enlarged view. From SFgate.

The Bolinas Lagoon Preserve is a thousand acre sanctuary located on the lower portion of the Marin peninsula, above Stinson Beach. It consists of open hillsides, coastal scrub, grassland and chaparral, redwoods, stream ponds and freshwater march habitats. The Preserve supports a major nesting ground for herons and egrets, particularly the Great Blue Heroin and the Great and Snowy Egret. The Preserve is a part of the Audubon Canyon Ranch, founded in 1962 to save the nesting colony of egrets and herons. These beautiful birds nest each spring in the tops of tall redwood trees in Picher Canyon. In the nearby Lagoon and tidelands, they find food for their young and themselves. All sorts of wildlife in addition to the herons and egrets abound in the area. Although eight miles of hiking trails are available, facilities are also available for the less ambulatory among us. There are picnic tables; bring your brown bag lunch with you, and your camera and binoculars. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a charming area of our state; don’t miss it! Website:

Date: Saturday, July 7, 2007
Time: 11:00 AM

Deadline: June 23, 2007
Fee: $ 10.00

Location: Approximately 20 miles north of San Francisco

Directions: From the south and north:

Take Highway 101 north from San Francisco or south from San Rafael to the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard exit. Follow Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Northwest for about 21 miles to Olema. Turn left (south) on Highway 1, and follow for about 10 miles to Bolinas Lagoon. Preserve will be on the left approximately 1 mile further.

Minimum: 15
Maximum: +-25

Note: For some information about hiking in the Bolinas Lagoon, see

Lick ObservatoryTour of the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton, Friday, August 10, 2007

One of the renowned historic facilities located on Mt. Hamilton in northern California is the Lick Observatory, dating back to 1888. We will have the opportunity of enjoying a guided tour by one of the astronomers on the Observatory staff. The tour will include an inspection of the Great Lick Refractor in the 36 inch telescope dome. Visitors are also invited to take a short walk to the Shane dome to view the 120 inch reflector from the Visitors’ Gallery. The Observatory, at an elevation of 4,200 feet, is more than 20 miles from downtown San Jose along the Mt. Hamilton Road. The road does have many sharp curves and is narrow in some places. It is recommended that one bring a sweater or coat, since at 4,209 feet, things may get a bit chilly. Wheelchair access is available.

Lick Observatory is located on the summit of Mt. Hamilton in the Diablo Range east of San Jose. To get there from Highways 101, 280, or 680, take the Alum Rock Avenue exit from Interstate 680. Go east onto Alum Rock Avenue. Turn right onto Mt.
Hamilton Road (California Route 130). Allow about one hour from San Jose, and please drive carefully as the road is good, but winding. From the east, take I-580 to I-680 South and then follow the directions above. No gas stations are available at the Observatory. Car pooling is recommended since parking is somewhat limited .

Date: Friday, August 10
Deadline: Tuesday, July 10
Time: 12:30 PM -Please be on time!
Fee: $ 22.00 per person
Minimum: 15-Maximum 40
Place of assembly: Observatory main building

Caveat: We must have a minimum of fifteen registrants to fulfill the requirements of this tour, or we will be obliged to cancel. It is an exciting opportunity that I hope we won’t forfeit. Sign up now!

Lawrence Berkeley labTour of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory September 7, 2007

Come visit a world famous scientific and historic landmark, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The Berkeley Lab is the home of the first cyclotron, invented by the Laboratory’s founding father and UC Berkeley’s first Nobel Laureate, Ernest O. Lawrence. Discover how the Laboratory, founded in the depths of the great depression, initially in a small wooden building, went on “from typewriter to cyclotron” to win a total of eleven Nobel prizes for its distinguished and brilliant staff. High on the hill overlooking the UC Berkeley campus (the view of the Bay is great), the Laboratory is the oldest of the US Department of Energy’s laboratories. Its annual budget exceeds $ 500 million dollars, and it employs 3,800 persons, including over 500 students. It is organized into a multitude of scientific disciplines. Next best to visiting the Lab in person, the full extent of its scope may be appreciated by pulling up its website at One of California’s most innovative and prestigious scientific institutions, it is well worth a visit  A two hour guided tour of the Berkeley  Laboratory has been arranged for us on Friday, September 7. We are to meet in downtown Berkeley and transported by bus  as a group to the Laboratory.

A map of the site, as well as directions, may be found at

Date: Friday, September 7, 2007
Time: 10 AM  Please be prompt!

 Fee: $ 10.00
 Deadline: August 24, 2007

Meeting site:
Downtown Berkeley Bart Station, corner of Center and Shattuck Streets, downtown Berkeley, adjacent to the Wells-Fargo Bank building at 2144 Shattuck.

Directions and Parking: If feasible, take Bart to the Downtown Berkeley station. The Wells-Fargo Bank building is a very short walking distance from the station.
If coming by car, bring lots of quarters to feed the parking meters. An alternate option is the public parking lot on Center Street, a short distance from Shattuck.
From the north, take US 101 South to the Richmond Bridge via I-580 East. Exit at University Avenue. Turn right on Shattuck.  The Wells Fargo main Building is at 2144 Shattuck, corner of Center Street and Shattuck.
From the Peninsula, take US 101 and cross Bay Bridge. Take the Berkeley exit,
enter I-80 North and take the University Avenue exit. As noted above, turn right on Shattuck. From the south, Take I-880 N and merge into I-580 W/I-80 E. Take University Avenue exit..

Minimum: 15
Maximum: 20

FiloliFiloli Tour in the autumn - Friday, September 28, 2007

Because of its beauty and the diversity of its plantings, Filoli has always been a popular destination for lovers of flowers, the out of doors, and the green world in general. While many of us have had the pleasure of visiting Filoli in the past, to fully appreciate its beauty, one should visit it in the different seasons of the year. A guided tour is being arranged for us in late September. Here’s our opportunity to visit Filoli in the autumn. Granted, it is not identical to fall New England foliage, but it certainly is still a glorious experience. For visitors in wheelchairs, certain paths of the garden are accessible. For more detailed information, consult Filoli’s web site:

Sign up now to visit Fall Filoli! Since this is a walking tour, we do need to arrive on time.

Date: Friday, September 28, 2007
Time: 1:00 PM
Deadline: September 14, 2007
Minimum: 15
Maximum: 30
Fee: $ 15.00 per person

Location and Directions:

From North of Filoli
Drive south on Highway 280
Take Edgewood Road Exit
Go right on Edgewood Road until it dead ends at Cañada Road
Turn right again and go 1.25 miles until you see the second chain link gate on the left.
There’s a small building with a guard who can then direct you to the property.

From South of Filoli
Drive north on Highway 280
Take the Edgewood Road exit.
Go left on Edgewood Road until it dead ends at Cañada road
Turn right and go 1.25 miles until you see the second chain link gate on the left
See bottom line of instructions regarding the small building and the guard therein

From the East Bay
Drive west on Highway 92
Take Highway 280 south
See the remainder of the instructions above “From North of Filoli”.

Nevelson sculptureTour of the Louise Nevelson sculpture exhibit - Saturday, November 3, 2007

Come join us for a guided tour of an exhibit of one of the most innovative and ingenious American artists of the twentieth century. No ordinary artist, Louise Nevelson was a pioneer in the art of transforming found objects into fascinating works of art. The de Young Museum of San Francisco has mounted an exhibition of more than seventy examples of her craftsmanship. Her art is unique in the true sense of the word. As mentioned by the Museum, her work is a not only a story in sculpture, but also the autobiographical statement of a gifted woman artist. The exhibit is drawn from many public and private collections and comprises both sculpture and works in paper. The Whitney Museum in New York, the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Walker Art Center and the Jewish Museum of New York have all participated in loaning examples of her work.
The exhibit will open on October 27, and run until January13, 2008.
We have arranged for a guided tour on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at 9:00 AM.

A good display of her work (not necessarily any or all will be at this exhibit (ed.) is located on the Jewish Museum site. Click on "Selected Works" then click on the images across the bottom.

Date: Saturday, November 3, at 9:00 AM
Meeting place: Lobby of de Young Museum
Minimum number: 15
Maximum number: 45
Fee: $ 20.00
Deadline for registration: October 20, 2007

Please note: Be sure to make check out to PBK NCA, and mail to Stanley Kahn. Please print coupon legibly; write name of tour on check.

Directions and Parking:
The de Young is one of the most convenient museums for automobiles and bicycles. It has excellent underground parking below the Museum. The parking garage is most conveniently entered from Fulton Street on 10th Avenue. Detailed directions are available on the de Young Museum’s website. For those who do not have access to a computer, I will be happy to mail a hard copy of the directions.

Public transportation is also available from the Internet and also by calling 415-673-6864. Again, I would be happy to mail a hard copy to anyone who so desires one.

Please note: After having signed up for a PBK NCA tour, if you find that you are unable to attend after all, kindly let Stanley Kahn know as soon as possible, by phone or mail prior to the date of the tour. This will enable us to proceed promptly with our tour guide without waiting for someone who is not coming. Thanks

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