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Association Chartered June 14, 1946     

March 2022

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I am writing this missive prior to our Presidents’ Weekend retreat at Asilomar, to be held 18 to 21 February. Although last year we didn’t hold it it due to COVID restrictions, this year it WILL be in person, with all attendees vaccinated, boosted, and masked. I look forward to meeting members who haven’t previously attended, and to renewing friendships with “old-timers.” I certainly hope that by February 2023, we can feel comfortable in larger group settings again.

Our First Vice-President for Programs, O’Neil Dillon, has planned the almost-monthly meet-ups that PBKNCA has offered throughout the years. If you want to attend one of these events, please check our website,, for information about them and directions for signing up. Payments for events can be made securely on the website, or by check.

Planning all our events is a big job, so we have asked a few people to do one event each to take some of the burden off O’Neil. If you would be interested and willing to plan an event (with our help) please contact O’Neil at

We welcome Alex Casendino as our Young Professionals section leader, who has already had several very successful events for our members in the under-40 bracket. If this applies to you and you haven’t received emails, or wish to be on the committee, contact Alex at

Perhaps you have an interest in serving the Association on another committee or as an officer. We are always looking for enthusiastic members! Duties are certainly not onerous, and one meets delightful people who usually become one’s good friends. Contact me at

I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming activities, either in person or virtually. Thank you for your continued support of Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Association.

Mary Turner Gilliland, President 2011-2022

The Young Professionals of PBKNCA