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The Scholarship Recipients 1984 To 1997

The 1996 Scholarship recipients

Katherine L. Wu Elizabeth B. Reed Award

Anyone have the other names?

The 1995 Scholarship recipients

Cathryn C. Clayton Elizabeth B. Reed Award

Anyone have the other names?

The 1994 Scholarship recipients

Elizabeth M. Oudens Elizabeth B. Reed Award

Anyone have the other names?

The 1993 Scholarship recipients

Mark Berkson
Carol Creasey
Margret Galucci
Julie Glass
Gregory Grether
Judith Kalb
Michelle Walker Elizabeth B. Reed Scholarship

The 1992 Scholarship recipients

Karen Diane Davis, SFSU, Cinema
Richard Arthur Gendron, UCSC, Sociology
Christine Hayes, UCB. Jewish Studies
Matthew Robert Orr, UCD, Ecology
Cheri Anne Pies, UCB, Health Education
Louisa Schein, UCB. Anthropology

The 1991 Scholarship recipients

Megan Bolar, UCSC, History of Consciousness
Adriana Craciun, UCD, English
Jeffery Ellis, UCD, History
Dawn Goley, UCSC, Marine Biology
Eve Sanders, UCB, English
Barbara Zylbert, Stanford Medical, Medicine

The 1990 Scholarship recipients

Kirk Glaser, UCB, American literature
Kenneth Gouwens, Stanford, History and Humanities
Kurt Kolasinski, Stanford, Chemical Physics
Katherine Muller, UCD, Ecology
Franck Wiebe, Stanford, Food Research

The 1989 Scholarship recipients

Barbara Elaine McHugh, SFSU, Theraputic Movement for the Exceptional Student
Michael Moore, UCB, Paleontology
Madelyn Rapp, UCSF, MD
Brian Weiner, UCB, Political Science

The 1988 Scholarship recipients

Maria Cook, UCB, Political Science
Dahv Kliner, Stanford, Chemistry
Linda Przybyszewski, Stanford, History
Mark Russi, UCSF, Oncology

The 1987 Scholarship recipients

Christopher Faraone, Stanford, Classics
Anita Hayworth, UCD, Ecology
Carol Howard, UCSC, Biology
Stephen Murray, UCSC, Astrophysics
Eva Wollenberg, UCB, Wildland Resource Science

The 1986 Scholarship recipients

Kim Hays, UCB, Sociology
Lisa L. Heady, Santa Clara, Marriage, Family and Child Counselling
Karen K. Laing, UCD, Ecology
Elizabeth A. Leite, SFSU, English/TEFL

The 1985 Scholarship recipients

Rajesh R. Garg, Stanford Medical School
Julie E. Johnson, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Laurie B. Simon, Stanford
Mary A. True, SFSU
Ivan K. Fong, Stanford Law
Michael L. Wang, UCSF, Medicine
John M. Weeks, Jr., UCB
Stephen Parkanay, UCB
Ellen M. Nugent, SFSU
Lynne Pudles, UCB
Joyce C. Chow, UCB (Boalt Law)
Melissa A. Nidever, Stanford Business

The last three here were tied for tenth place. I can't figure out from the files how many scholarships were awarded.

The 1984 Scholarship recipients

R. Patrick Akers, UCB, Entomology
Teresa J. Barth, Santa Clara, Law
Cristelle Baskins, UCB, Art History
Susan A. Dean, SFSU, English
Peter C. Frumhoff, UCD, Ecology
Robert S. Gibbons, Stanford, Mathematical Economics
Joan M. Harrison, Mills College, Music History
Fred G. Leegron, UCD, English/Creative Writing
Dirk Obbink, Stanford, Classics
Michael G. Whisler, UCSF, Dentistry

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